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This site features creations and reclaimed treasures by songstress, Lady D. Always changing, eclectic and uncommon. Browse this site for things you never knew you wanted.

Are You Curious?

I am a lot of things! A singer, songwriter, playwright and artist are at the top of the list. I love to sing more than anything in the world but, the overall experience of actually being an artist is a sublime feeling. Artists aren't really known for making a lot of least not while they are alive. Sure, I would like to sell you one or more of my products but I'd rather think of it as sharing a piece of me with you.

I record my original music and some covers. You'll be able to find them here. I love to paint clothing! You'll find some designs here as well. I love to share what I call "reclaimed items" and you'll find them here also.  I'll be adding new designs and more reclaimed items weekly. Here, you will find many things that you did not know you wanted. Enjoy looking around!

"Don't chase dreams. Wake up and make them come true!"

Lady D
W.Va's First Lady of Soul

About Me

Lady D

Not Just Music

I have been singing since the age of three and being a famous vocalist is all I've ever wanted. However, life happens and on this journey, I have tried many things to express myself. There is "not just music" on this site, but I have included my growing passion for hand-painting fabric. You'll find my own designs which are not perfect and no two are the same. That's the perfection of artistic expression.

You can have my designs on t-shirts, caps and a variety of other paintables. You can even provide your own items to have hand-painted. From hearts and flowers to African masks and firebirds. Reclaimed books and kitchen appliances. Clothing and shoes. You never know what you'll find at "Not Just Music!"



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